5 Amazing NYC Subway Art Stops

Houston Street

Photo from: nycsubway.org

Turn an average day into an awesome day with a stop at the Houston Street Station on the 1 Train in NYC! A captivating mosaic featuring beluga whales, turtles and manatees adorns the walls of this otherwise plain subway stop. Experience the beauty of the ocean, underground in NYC!



50th Street

Photo from: untappedcities.com

Alice and her friends from Wonderland adorn the walls of the 50th Street stop in Manhattan. Join the Queen of Hearts, Alice, the Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter as they explore the depth of NYC’s underground system!





New Lots Avenue

Photo from: nycsubway.org

Take a peek into the lives of NYC’s everyday people at the New Lots Avenue subway stop in Brooklyn. Eugene Tung’s 16 Windows allows subway commuters a peek into the windows of sixteen neighbors engaging in everyday activities. Take a moment to stop and see the beauty in their everyday activities as you take a glimpse into the lives of these mysterious people.




Photo from: nycsubway.org

66th Street-Lincoln Center

NYC is a mecca for the arts and the subway is no different. Experience the awe of the theater, the grandeur of the opera and the excitement the circus with Nancy Spero’s Artemis, Acrobats, Divas and Dancers at the 66th Street-Lincoln Center subway stop. Who knows, maybe a quick stop in the subway will inspire you to take up a new hobby!





Fulton Street

Photo from: nycsubway.org

Deep beneath the busy NYC street lies a vivid display of the constellations that are almost impossible to see above the NYC night skyline. Nancy Holt’s Astral Grating lets subway patrons experience the constellations without having to leave the confines of the bustling city.