He Turns Bright Red After Singing For The Judges… But Look Who’s On The Sidelines

Music can really be a saving grace, even when it seems like things can’t get any worse. There’s a reason why some people dedicate their entire lives to learning how to administer music therapy: the results are truly incredible.

However, if someone is suffering on their own, they can create their own music therapy. Learning how to play an instrument can be incredibly calming, and it can take your mind away from the hard times you’re experiencing.

When Jaycob Curlee was just 5 years old, child protective services came to his home to take him away from the care of his biological parents. The environment he was living in was riddled with drug use and time spent in prison. Clearly, this was no environment for a child to grow up in.

When Jaycob and his little sister went into foster care, he turned to music to help soothe his sorrow. Eventually, his parents stopped visiting altogether, and even though they had never treated him well, the little boy still missed them. He and his sister felt like they were more of a burden than lovable human beings. The only thing Jaycob had was music.

But then one day, his whole life changed in the blink of an eye. After what seemed like an eternity of trying to understand why no one would love him, Jaycob and his sister finally met their loving parents.

Now, Jacob is using the musical talent that got him through hard times to pursue his dreams.

Just wait until the judge gets out of her seat…

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Written by Dorathy Blues

Dorathy is a freelance writer from Arkansas, US