His Sister’s Cancer Gets Worse, So He Flies Home. Then He Hears What A Flight Attendant Says

When his sister LouAnn Alexander was diagnosed with breast cancer, Rex Ridenoure was devastated. Although he and his family knew that the former cheerleader and flight attendant was a survivor, the diagnosis had them on edge.

Then, just after she was given the all-clear from her doctor, LouAnn came down with a terrible stomachache. It was confirmed: she had cancer, and she was dying.

Rex was on his way to make the final pilgrimage home to spend time during her last days, when he reflected on his little sister’s life. She had spent 34 years as a flight attendant, but she would never get to retire or say goodbye. So in his mind, Rex made his flight her final one.

He was waiting for Southwest Airlines Flight 4463 when he met a woman, and he told her his sister’s story. The woman was thunderstruck: she was also a flight attendant, so she knew LouAnn, and had flown with her just months before. When they boarded the plane, Rex made an announcement: he asked the passengers if they could help make this flight special for LouAnn. Then he passed out napkins to every person on the plane.

Watch the clip to find out how these napkins helped grant the dying woman her last wish.

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Written by Dorathy Blues

Dorathy is a freelance writer from Arkansas, US