A Lady Finds 2 Abandoned Dogs And Destroys Their ‘Owners’ On Craigslist!

People who heartlessly abandon their dogs on the highway are truly awful, but one Atlanta woman rose to the occasion when she spotted a pair of neglected pooches on the street and decided to not only take them in, but fire back at those who left them there.

Please note, there’s some strong language in her post…but we think it really NEEDS to be there.

In hopes of reaching out to the people who left the poor puppies to fend for themselves on one of the city’s busiest roadways, she posted this amazing Craigslist ad in the local “Pets” section, and I have to applaud her! I wish I could meet her and give her a high-five and a hug for all she’s done for her new pets.

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Here’s a screenshot of the Craigslist posting…

Here's a screenshot of the Craigslist posting...

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Written by Dorathy Blues

Dorathy is a freelance writer from Arkansas, US