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  • 7 Fun Ways to make the most of your Spring!

    Spring is around the corner and there is no time to waste! Who wants to spend their spring break cooped up in the house all day? After a long, cold winter, we should all go outside and greet the heat! Confused on what to do? Well your in the right place! Here’s: 7 Things to […]

  • Smaller is Better! (7 small and suitable pets)

    Have you ever wanted a pet? Maybe a dog was too hyper and loud and cats scratch up everything you own. Goldfish are too boring and a tarantula really isn’t in your favor. Well, there’s a solution! You can have active, cute, cuddly, fun pets in your home that have very little cons. And let’s […]

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  • 6 Hilarious Things ALL Kids Have Done!

    Kids are probably the strangest thing on the planet! Yes, we’ve all been there and sometimes, we don’t want to recall our cringe-filled memories of eating boogers, doing terrible stunts, or saying childish things to older relatives. But, unfortunately, this article was summoned to do just that! Here is: 3 Things ALL Kids Have Done! […]

  • 10 Quirky and Funny Pickup Lines you should NEVER use!

      Flirting is a hassle! We’ve all been there, that special someone catches our eye and all of a sudden, we’re tongue tied. Well hopefully the next time this situation comes around, you’ll run into someone with a sense of humor, because this is: 5 Funny Pickup Lines! 10. Homesick Unless you’re expecting for your head […]

  • The 8 Most Hilarious Shaming Family Photos

    Family is a blessing! There are moments where you fight, laugh, even cry together. You make ever lasting memories with the ones you love every single day of your life! But, you know what’s better than boring old memories? Pictures! Although, not every family is so good at taking them…Here’s: Top 5 Hilarious family photos! […]